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Age Reversal

Indian skin is more prone to early signs of aging, exacerbated by our environment, stress and lifestyle. Our advanced treatments combine 40 years of dermatological expertise with modern anti-ageing technologies to bring back your skin’s vitality and bounce.

Botulinum Toxin

Our experienced dermatologists inject small quantities of Botulinum toxin in affected areas to temporarily relax these muscles and improve skin texture over time, with natural-looking results. This anti-wrinkle injectable is a popular solution to treat the appearance of lines caused by repeated muscle movements. It enables the face to have a rested appearance with diminished lines.



Dermal fillers are injected under the skin by our dermatologists to revive the hollow effect around deep wrinkles. These fillers enhance facial structure and stimulate the production of natural collagen providing a long-term youthful appearance. Our fillers are clinically tested to be safe and naturally dissolve in the body after several months.


Suitable for sensitive skin, loose sagging skin, double chin, periorbital puffiness, and wrinkles. A significant advancement in anti-aging therapies, Exilis delivers the benefits of radiofrequency to targeted areas. This action stimulates and strengthens the collagen network, and efficiently dissolves fat pockets.


HiFu (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

HiFu targets high-intensity heat through an ultrasound into deep skin layers. Heating the tissue below the surface contracts and stimulates new collagen growth, while protecting the skin’s surface. It emulates the effects of a surgical facelift by tightening and lifting the skin while being completely non-invasive and safe.

Microneedling with Radio Frequency (Secret)

This microneedling with RF Fractional System employs minimally-invasive needles to deliver controlled energy into various depths of skin. The energy promotes better collagen production, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars and large pores. The medical-grade needles are extremely fine with adjustable length, which ensures safety, while providing visible results in just a few sessions.


Thread lift

This minimally invasive and highly-effective enhancement technique lifts sagging, ageing skin with special threads. The threads are positioned to tighten a specific area on the face, and naturally
blend into the skin within 3-4 months, but results are seen within one to two week.


Thread lift

This minimally invasive and highly effective enhancement technique lifts sagging, aging skin with special threads. The threads are positioned to tighten a specific area on the face and naturally blend into the skin within 3-4 months, but results are seen within one to two weeks.


Skin Quality Boosters

The ultimate solution for skin that's smooth, hydrated, and glowing. These are hyaluronic acid injections of varying concentrations which are injected as micro-droplets into the middle layer of the skin.


These products work to achieve a smoother texture, deeper hydration, skin barrier repair, reduced sensitivity, stimulated collagen remodeling, diminished fine lines, minimized pore size, healthier and more resilient skin, a radiant glow, and overall improved skin quality.


Bioremodeling Boosters

These are injections of hyaluronic acid with a high concentration injected over the skin layer strategically. 
It helps boost new collagen production and builds healthy tissue to support skin, thus reducing skin laxity, and boosting hydration and quality of skin. Results are very natural looking and visible in 4 weeks.

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